Monday, May 3, 2010

The Segment

I was asked by my Weight Watcher leader to do a 3-4 minute segment on Mommyhood and weight loss for the open house tonight.  Still not exactly sure of what I'm going to say, but I DO like to talk about myself so I'm thinking it'll be a breeze ;)

I actually haven't lost much weight this year, have basically just been maintaining. I've been getting more compliments lately though, so I'm thinking that all of the kickboxing I do has been paying off and has made me lose inches.

Part of the standstill with the weight loss is actually a very good thing and it's that I feel so good about myself now.  I've lost a tremendous amount of weight since having Ava and clothes shopping has become a lot of fun, rather than something I dread. 

Plus, I was watching the View a couple of weeks ago and they did a segment on a new study which revealed that women carrying 10-15 lbs of extra weight are actually healthier.  Something about the extra weight warding off osteoporosis and making us all look a lot younger.  It will not surprise you to hear that I am a HUGE fan of this new study.  Kudos to the studiers is what I say!

I hope I can offer some good tips to help the other moms tonight.  I know the biggest challenges I've faced with food as a mom has a lot to do with emotional eating.  My pregnancy with Luke was so stressful after suffering the loss of Isabel, and his emergency delivery was so startling to me, that as soon as I came home from the hospital with him I started fixing myself big bowls of ice cream mixed with Entenmann's chocolate cake to soothe my nerves. I had been through a lot so I allowed myself that, for a while anyway.  But then I went back to my meetings and I am much happier and healthier for it. 

I want my kids to be proud of me.  I like it when Ava tells me I look pretty, even if she qualifies it......Direct quote..."Mommy you're pretty but you're PRETTIER with your make-up on, BUT, you look pretty without your make-up on too, BUT ,you look SOOOOO much prettier when your make-up is on."  Thanks honey.  I'll take it.

Well, I have many thoughts to organize and a 3-4 minute segment to plan.  I hope I do a good job tonight. 

Wish me luck! 

What are the challenges that you face when it comes to weight loss and mommyhood?