Sunday, January 30, 2011

Apartment Makeover

I'm really looking forward to getting our apartment done.  It's almost all painted with the exception of the kitchen and bathroom which will be completed this week.  Our new couches are gorgeous.  I'm really glad that we went for them.  The length of time it's been taking to get everything done is frustrating though.  The delivery guys broke the bunk beds we ordered and left without me knowing. They actually broke the support rack for the wood planks that support my daughter's mattress and left without saying one word about it. They actually had to hide the wood that split in one of their bags to haul it out of here so I wouldn't know.

Raymour and Flanigan is replacing the whole thing as well as throwing in a free Bunkie Board for our troubles, so that's cool, however I'm sickened by the fact that two grown men would break part of the support of a child's bed and have the ability to walk away and stash the evidence without saying a word.  I also can't stand the fact that our one week old bunk beds are going to have to be hauled away and replaced, after the rooms the delivery men will be hauling them in and out of, have been freshly painted.  It's ridiculous.

Same kind of nonsense with Cablevision.  The technician came out yesterday to run lines for 4 high definition boxes/flat screens and screwed everything up to the point that his supervisor will be coming this week to observe exactly what's been done.  Nothing that can't be fixed, but again senseless.

Is everyone out there incompetent?  Why does everything need to be done twice?  It's frustrating.

Once we get through this week and are able to get things back in order in the living room and bedrooms, I'm going to feel a lot better.  We can then focus on all of the fun stuff and finishing touches like artwork and lamps.  I'm looking forward to that.  All that's left will be the kitchen furniture and hopefully we'll decide on what we want by Winter's end. 

When we first got the apartment the place was a complete wreck.  So much had to be done to make it clean and safe to move our then 1 1/2 year old Ava in.  Coats and Coats of paint, the ripping up of the old floors and replacing them with new.  All of this stuff needed to be done within a 4 week period, enough time to make the place safe and clean, not enough time to personalize anything.  Now, we're finally making the apartment ours and that feels really good and I absolutely love all of the choices we've made so far, from furniture to paint.