Wednesday, December 30, 2009

To Shred or Not to Shred

What's in the bags?  Paperwork. Shredded paperwork to be precise.  Four bags full of shredded paperwork that dated back to 2003.  Today was part two of the therapeutic clean up, meant to cure my claustrophobia blues, rather, the funk that I've been in, since returning to our city apartment, from my parents house in the suburbs.

The bags hold random paperwork from the Pediatricians describing various vaccines and rashes, Chalazions and Rotovirus.  Manuals that belong to electronics that we don't even own anymore, such as the $300 Hoover vaccuum that lasted about a year.  This time we went with a tiny $60 Eureka, which I am certain will last at least twice as long. 

I saved receipts from the DJ we hired at our wedding to check stubs from when I was working.  I was holding on to checkbooks from accounts that have been closed for years to cell phone bills from a company that we switched from years ago.

All gone. 

I have to say that it felt really good and I feel like I am making some headway.  It was actually pretty fun and I'm thankful that my sister gave me her little shredder when she moved to her new place.  It was high time that I actually used it.

A good friend called during my shredding party of one.  She had just read my blogpost entitled Binging and Purging and she knew just how I was feeling.  We go back and forth on the pros and cons of city vs. suburban life all of the time, as we are both from the burbs.

By the end of our phone call, I knew that I would be feeling better soon, as I always do.  In a few days, I will not be able to imagine life anywhere other than here, but until then, I will continue to clean.

The best part, is that I will have a perfectly uncluttered apartment once I'm there.

Perhaps I will do some shopping to celebrate!!!! 

Just Kidding.


  1. Right before we moved to the new house, we shredded all our old documents. Dating back to... wait for it... 1993. Can you say holy crap? It feels so much better once they're gone, doesn't it?

  2. 1993?!!! Holy mackeral! You're right though, it DOES feel good.