Thursday, April 22, 2010

It's a Beautiful Morning

I'm back.  My Weight Watcher leader asked me to do a little 3-4 minute segment at an upcoming open house discussing weight loss and mommyhood and she suggested I mention my blog.  Thank you Julia for inspiring me to get back to it.

Spring is here and I am happy.  Poor kids have allergies though so I've kept Ava home from school for the past couple of days.  She was way worse on Monday and Tuesday but she insisted she go in.  Seems the days at school this week proved too much for her though seeing that she doesn't want to go back. Perhaps tomorrow.

I don't mind.  I like having her home with me.  It's just pre-K and I won't have the luxury of her company on weekdays once Kindergarten starts, and Kindergarten is right around the corner.  I thought I'd be sadder than I am, being that sending her to pre-k was so difficult for me, but I'm excited for her.  Naturally, I'm sure come August I will be having flashbacks of pushing my perfect baby girl in her stroller but that's par for the course as a mom.

It's going to be okay because I'm very excited about her new school.  That is definitely helping things.  As each day passes, it's revealed to me more and more how lucky we are that we've gotten this spot, and everyday I feel more and more blessed.  She'll be entering a Charter School.  Charter schools are run just like private schools, only paid for by public funds.  Jackpot!  Or, as a couple of people pointed out to me, Ava's got the golden ticket! there were only 12 spots open for Kindergarten and she has one of them.  God was definitely smiling down on us that day. 

Boy does it feel good to write again! I'll save more for another day though because, as you know, I have my best girl home with me today and we're going to spend some quality time together.  It's time to play Candy Land.

Perfect start to a beautiful day!

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