Friday, June 18, 2010

New Beginnings

Summer break has begun and I am happy.  Last night we were invited to attend the annual end of year picnic for Ava's new school.  What a great time.  It was a pot luck picnic in the park.  Everyone brought a dish to share and people made everything from buffalo wings to salads, pizza to wraps.  As the line grew, one of the dads quickly picked up trays of food and started to pass out hot dogs and pot stickers to those waiting on line for food.  That and the many conversations going on made the line move quickly. 

We easily joined in with the other parents and set out our picnic blanket and joined in watching the rocket launchings.  Yes, the rocket launchings.  Ava's new school has a lot of after school clubs, one of which we learned yesterday is Rocket Club. The club is for the Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd graders.  They build cool looking rockets and with the help of an adult, launch them every year at the annual picnic.  Stephen was so excited! He turned to Ava and said, "Do you want to join Rocket Club?!!!"  To which she replied, "Nope." 

That's okay, Stephen will get his chance to join Rocket Club when Luke goes to school there.

Stephen played freeze tag with the kids, we socialized with a lot of other adults, and were immediately recruited by one of the moms at the school to volunteer at an upcoming event.

Ava noticed that one of her new teachers was there and immediately jumped up saying let's say hi!"  We did.  Ava then ran around with the other kids and immediately made a new friend.

It was clear to both Stephen and I that Ava has already made the transition into her new school with ease, and so have we.

It was such a refreshing evening and we could not be happier about the change. 

Every end is a new beginning.


  1. AMEN!:)
    -Lauren D.

  2. Hi Lauren, just wanted to let you know that your comment made me laugh and smile. Thanks :) Looking forward to talking to you soon.