Saturday, December 18, 2010

City Life - Apartment Facelift

I've spent most of this morning visiting the Raymour and Flanigan website trying to decide on new furniture for the apartment.  We just gave Luke's room a little face lift in the form of new awesome toy storage and now we're focusing on buying new furniture for the kitchen and living room.  We're getting rid of our big wall unit so we can move in a chaise lounge to go along with our couch.  It's really going to look great.  I'm also trying to figure out what colors I want to paint the walls which is a huge task in itself.  I can't believe how many shades of each color there are to choose from.  Decisions, decisions.  One thing for sure is that we're hiring someone to paint this time.  Neither of us have the time or patience and I know full well that not doing it ourselves is going to result in a much quicker, smoother and therefore happier apartment transformation.   It's exciting.

With Christmas coming and my electronic shopping cart rapidly filling with more stuff to fill our city space, I realized that it was high time to start make changing around our space - before I came back from my parents house in the burbs with all of our Christmas packages because for the past few years I've suffered from post-holiday blues derived from returning to our 3-bedroom city apartment with loads and loads of crap after a week long stay at my parents spacious home in the burbs.  I vowed not to do it to myself again this year.  It's high time that we work on making this space an awesome one so Stephen and I decided to start with Luke's room which houses the kids toys and chose two matching wooden toy storage units along with  really cute fabric drawers in various colors and designs to fill the cubbie holes.  We tossed out the big old cumbersome toy bin that the kids couldn't find their toys in to play with anyway and what a difference it has made.  The new units are adorable and I cannot believe how much space we picked up because of them.  Now every Barbie, toy truck and train has their own little home.  Completely organized!  It doesn't feel like the same space.

After we're done with the living room and kitchen and I finally buy my new Kitchen Aid, which I will finally have the counter space for, I am not going to want to ever leave this apartment.... Well, not for a while anyhow.

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