Saturday, November 7, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

Stephen and I are going out to dinner tonight to celebrate our 6th Wedding Anniversary. I went to the salon today to get all dolled up for our big night out. I love going out with "pretty hair" fresh from the salon.

In fact, I planned my holiday hair appointments well in advance on days that I knew we would be going out to dinner. What a dork, highly organized and intentional person I am, right?

I hired a babysitter for the kids so they didn't have to come with me.

Naturally, Stephen had a field day teasing me about hiring someone to babysit so I could go to the salon.

AS if! Ok, technically, yes that is exactly what I did, but in my defense I did not expect that he would be working today and I scheduled all of my holiday hair appointments well in advance, on Saturdays, because he's normally home.

I actually learned that taking both kids to the salon with me was a horrible idea. The hard way.

The last time I went, I brought both kids with me. Talk about being in a daze, it didn't even occur to me, until we stepped inside the salon, that it was a really bad idea.

My daughter was fine but expecting a one year old little boy to sit through mommy's single process and haircut was just, let's call it, silly.

My son is a really good boy so it wasn't that I had to worry about him running around the salon or anything like that. It's just that he was naturally unhappy about having to sit still on my lap for a couple hours. A couple hours, seriously, where had I misplaced my brain?

At one point, while my head was under the ionizer, my son tried to escape my lap. I shimmied down, so as not to hit my head on the big hard plastic globe over my head, and caught my son in a vice grip between my legs to reign him back.

Visions of Suzanne Somers and the Thigh Master came to mind.

Anyhow, I had him! I then carefully shimmied back up, in attempt to put my head back underneath the ionizer AND... SMACK! went my head on the front of the ionizer.

I miscalculated.

I was so embarrassed.

Today, it was just nice to get my hair done in peace, and it was really nice to be able to pick out presents for my husband on my walk back home all by myself; a gift card at our local music store and Baba Booey cupcake from Crumbs, his favorite.

I even had time to pick out a thoughtful Anniversary card for him without any distractions.

I was even sure to ask the ladies behind the counter at the card shop if I could borrow their pen and fill it out there.

As I signed the card, I went on about how the kids were at home, and how it was best that I just fill the card out there, because naturally, the kids would need me as soon as I walked through the door... I didn't want to be distracted and not have the card filled out when Stephen got home.

Then, after yammering on and on, I realized I had just signed his card with not only my first, but our last name too. As if there would be any confusion.

I felt like an idiot, but I had just spent $4.00 on his card, and I was not about to spend another $4.00, springing for another card.

I can't stand the greeting card industry. I'd prefer someone just give me the four bucks... I'd rather fork the 4 bucks over to the gift recipient...or perhaps, add $4.00 to the amount I have in mind to spend on the actual gift... Heck, I'll even kick in another buck and bring it up to an additional $5.00 on the gift itself... It's a guilt inducing industry, that pesky greeting card industry, isn't it?... Can't give a gift without a card...

You know what? I'm gonna start MAKING cards for people.... Just like my daughter does.


  1. Are you positive Stephen will know it's from you? :) Making cards is a fine idea, that's what we do.
    Have a very Happy Anniversary. Enjoy each other.

  2. :) Thanks Emy. We had a really fun night. I am definitely going to start making cards too :) I know Ava really enjoys it. She plays "mail center" all the time. She enjoys making cards for her friends and dropping them in the mail box like a big girl!

  3. You brave, brave woman... bringing your children with you to the salon. Ellie wouldn't last 5 minutes. You have very good kids:)

    You need that me-time though, so kudos for springing on a babysitter. I hope you had a wonderful night!

    And greeting cards... don't get me started. I used to insist on cards. Now I think they're a waste of money. I'm a cheapo on the cards. American Greetings makes cheapy-cheap cards now, so I don't feel so bad buying them. Making is the way to go, though.

  4. I think I winced when I read your "smack" on the ionizer... I hope your head didn't hurt as much as it sounds like it did!

    I too hate the greeting card industry... and last year, started custom ordering cards from Walgreens. They will print cards with your own photos on them AND SHIP THEM ANYWHERE IN THE COUNTRY for less than $4 each. And they have your prints on them, so they're a keepsake! They are the only cards we hand out anymore!


  5. My mom always calls all of us by both our first and last names... "Go tell Tom Ford to clear the table." Sometimes I sign her cards with both of my names.
    And my dad leaves his phone number when he leaves a message on our machine. As if his number isn't the same number they have had since I was 3.
    Oh well, at least you were prepared!

  6. Hi Alicia, I don't know if I'm brave or just not thinking sometimes. I take them both to the nail salon too. Again, Ava is if she's there I let them do her nails too for a special treat. It's too much for Luke though by the end. It's funny bc one of my friends here just happened to walk by the nail place on 2 separate occassions while Luke started to melt down at the end. She saved me by walking in and helping out both times! I was very lucky.

  7. Hi Elizabeth, I'll have to check out Walgreens. Thanks for the recommendation. I also look forward to checking out your blog. Have a great day!

  8. Emily, your post made me smile. So adorable! I love that your mom calls you all by your full names and that your dad leaves his number on your answering machine. That is so cute.