Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Lesson in Muffin Making

My daughter loves corn muffins, and before going to sleep last night, she told me how she wished she could have one, right then, for a snack. 

I remembered that we had some pre-packaged corn muffin mix in the pantry, so I told her we could whip some up for breakfast this morning.

This was the first time while making muffins, that I let her scoop the batter into the muffin tins, all by herself. 

It was an interesting experience for me in letting go.  She was making a MESS!  

I gave her a metal ice cream scoop, thinking it would be the easiest method.  I think it was, however, being that she's only 4, not all of the batter was making it inside the muffin part of the tin.  Naturally, some was being spilled on the top portion of the pan.  She was trying to "fix" this problem by smoothing the batter, with the bottom of the ice cream scoop, on top of the tin. 

My first instinct, was to take the scoop out of her little hand and start scooping myself.  I held myself back though and simply told her that we were going to have to clean up the spill with a napkin or paper towel instead.

I told her that she was doing a great job, that I was proud of her, and then I started washing the dishes in the sink, so I didn't have to watch.

Overall, she did a great job and most of the batter made it where it was supposed to.

It was an interesting lesson for me, in just letting her be.  It's so simple, but how is she going to feel confident, strong and secure in her ability to make the big decisions she'll face in life, or have faith in herself and believe that she can do anything she sets her mind to, if I can't even let her put muffin mix into a tin without criticizing micromanaging? 

I believe that the most important and greatest gift, aside from love, that a mom can give her daughter, is to instill and foster in her, a great sense of confidence.

My brother and his girlfriend have a little thing where they ask my daughter, "Who's better than you?" and my daughter shouts, "No one!!!!" 

I smile and think to myself, that's right baby girl. No one.

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