Saturday, September 18, 2010

School Days

Delving back into school, activities and lots of park time has been an adjustment for all of us after a very lazy Summer, but Kindergarten is great and Ava's loving it.  She adores her new teacher and is enjoying her new friends. 

There's a parent mixer next Saturday at one of our local restaurants which I'm very much looking forward to.  The school is providing free babysitting service (woo hoo!) so it can be an adults only event.  I had my first PTSO (Parent Teacher Student Organization) meeting Thursday night and it was great because the school also provided free babysitting service for that.  Stephen's been working like crazy so I wouldn't have been able to go otherwise. 

I was also excited to learn that I'm going to be able to help out in the classroom and volunteer at some of the annual school/parent-run events, because it's okay to bring Luke along with me.  Before learning this, I was actually feeling sort of sad.  There are so many opportunities to help out at the school, but I didn't think I was going to be able to do anything since I don't have any day-time help for Luke.

Ava's teachers words were like music to my ears.  When I expressed to her that I wanted to be involved but didn't have someone to look after Luke, without hesitation she said to bring him along.  Luke is welcomed too, so now I can participate and I think it's fantastic, because I really want to be involved in Ava's school/education.  Now I can with ease because I don't need to find and hire a babysitter to be a part of the community.

Like I said though, getting back into the swing of things, after our long-lazy Summer has definitely been an adjustment.  For example, at dance class the other day, I saw that Ava was wearing the lone pink leotard in a sea of black.... 

Looks like mommy ordered the wrong dance uniform, as I quickly realized that I couldn't have been the only parent to get it right.


  1. That's fantastic that you can get involved. I think it's so awesome the teacher didn't even hesitate before telling you bringing Luke was absolutely no problem. It's refreshing. And I know you're going to love it. A parent mixer is a wonderful idea too. I'd be as excited as you are.

    And thanks for the laugh about the leotard. Eh, it happens!

  2. Thats great that you can get involved. My sister, living away from family, like you, always runs into the same problems if she needs to go to a doctors appt, or wants to run to the grocery store- she always has to take Ethan along with her;cant just drop him off at mom's or with me etc......and it being a new neighborhood for her,doesnt really know or trust anyone enough to leave her little man with them.Things are gonna become more challenging now too because she has another little one on the way. She's had lots of doc appts where she has had to have her husband take off time from work to stay with Ethan because her doc has a strict policy about having no children in the office while she has her appt! Its really hard for her- so you two can definately relate! Im glad they said Luke can join you when you help out at school. Moral of the story: you and her BOTH need to come back to STRFD where there's lots of helping hands! :)lol

  3. Hi Alicia, yes, I'm really psyched about it. I'm not working so I'm around and I would have been really bummed if I couldn't get involved in anything. Especially in Kindergarten since Ava still wants me around :) Who knows how long that's gonna last. Luke's getting to the age too where he really can come along with me because he's able to happily keep himself entertained. As for the leotard...not one of my finer moments, but what can ya do?

  4. Hi Lauren, yep, same thing. Where I go, the kids go. My same friend passed by the same nail salon with me and the kids in it TWICE and rescued me by helping out with Luke. He's always great there until it's time to dry and then he's had enough! I think it's awful that your sister can't bring Ethan along to her Dr's appointments. Ava was at every single one of mine with Luke. I don't know what we would have done if she wasn't allowed in. I guess Stephen would have had to stayed outside of the office with her and would have missed out on all of the ultrasounds. That stinks! We both would have been upset about that. I know, we talk about moving back but I don't know if we'll ever actually do it. There are definitely be more helping hands....especially in the daytime!