Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Making a lot of Cents

My daughter's pre-k class is collecting pennies for Haiti Partners.  Last year the kids collected coins for Pennies for Peace.  She enjoys this service project a lot and was really excited to receive her collection jar again this year.

Of course the aim is for the kids to fill their collection jars, but the idea is not for us to just hand over a bunch of coins to them.  It's really a lovely way to get the kids thinking at a very young age about how they could be of service to others. What can they do to earn their pennies?   Last year Ava helped me set the dinner table, helped Stephen and I both to prepare meals, and did kind things for her little brother.

Although she will be earning her pennies again this year, she did something else last night that really touched me.

Last night she took out her special clock purse.  Her clock purse is home to her little green wallet with a pink bunny on it.  She opened the change purse within and started taking out all of her coins.  There were quarters and dimes, nickels and some pennies too.

She turned to me and asked if she could give her money away.

I wasn't expecting her to collect coins to give away from her own wallet.

I said of course, but then asked if she was sure that she really wanted to do that.

She said, "Yes, I'm sure, I can always get more."

Now, my daughter's collection jar is home to all of the quarters and dimes, nickels and pennies, that were once held in her little green wallet, with the pink bunny on top. 

I am proud of her.

Tonight, I look forward to brainstorming with her about the ways in which she can earn the rest of the coins for her jar.  I wonder what she'll say?


  1. You have an amazing little girl there. And you helped her to become that girl most definitely.

  2. she is the sweetest girl I know and so special to us all- Joanne