Monday, February 22, 2010

Simple Pleasures, Daily Joys

I continued my reading of Simple Abundance this weekend, and am now up to date.  The book is divided into months and then into individual days within the months.  Sort of what my blog would look like, if I actually wrote something every day.

I'm taking from the book, the things that resonate with me, and then letting go of the rest.

At one point, the author suggests going to a travel agent to collect information and brochures, even if you have no intention of traveling at the moment.  She then instructs her readers to go home, cut out the pictures of the locations and images they're drawn to, and begin creating a collage.

Ehhh, that was a little too much for me.  Probably because I have zero interest in travel at the moment.  Although, I do love to fly...once the Xanax has kicked in.

That being said, who's to say that I won't completely embrace this idea in the future.  Perhaps, I will revisit the book 5 years from now, and think this is such a great idea, that I immediately start rummaging through my drawers, in search of glue and a pair of scissors. 

What has resonated with me?

Enjoying the simple pleasures in life.  The everyday joys we find in the life that we ARE living.  Life can be hard and it's stressful at times.  For me personally, I'm blessed to be a stay at home mom, but being at your families beck and call, 24/7, can be mentally taxing.  That's why I love the fact that the place I do my kickboxing, has a special moms time slot with daycare.  I'm not hiring a nanny to go and work out, and I'm certainly not going to go to class at night when my husband gets home.  For one, I'm just way too hungry a girl to go work out at dinner time, and two, there's too much to do....clean up, bathe the kids, read stories...get the kids to go to bed.

I tend to spend a lot of time planning date nights, figuring out which play I'd like to see next, looking over menus at restaurants I'd like to try.  All the while placing so much importance on the event itself.

Of course the event is important, but what I realized, is that what is equally as important, is the joy I derived from reading those restaurant menus online, in my pajamas, on a Monday night.

It's the beauty that comes from the mundane from which we derive the most joy. Once you start to notice these things, you realize just how great you've got it. Just how precious and wonderful life is.

What are the things and moments that bring me the most joy?

Waking up every morning to the smell of a fresh pot of coffee brewing.  The comfort I feel when I light a Yankee candle in my home.  The rush I feel in Barnes & Noble, or when filling up my electronic shopping cart with books for my children.  Reading those new books to them.  Receiving and flipping through a new cookbook.  Making my grocery list.  Planning the Holiday menus with my mother and sister. Cooking a meal for my family. Reading restaurant menus.  Trying new foods.  Baking with my daughter.  A hot shower, comfie pajamas and putting on warm fuzzy socks. Going into Dunkin Donuts for coffee and ordering it with cream and sugar, instead of milk and Splenda. Seeing the beautiful Christmas lights and decorations being put up year after year.  When my son comes over wanting to sit on my lap and cuddle.  When my daughter reaches out to hold my hand.  When I see my sons little hand reach out for his sisters.  There are so many little things that go on in my daily life that bring me comfort and joy.

It's also the unexpected moments in life, that are the most treasured. We planned a big day for Ava in the city.  We took her to a fancy restaurant for lunch and to see a matinee of The Lion King.  It was a wonderful day.  But, do you know which days brought us all the most joy?  It was the day she came running out of school announcing to me that she was chosen to be Mary in her school play.  And, it was on the day of the play, when we got to see her as Mary, proudly being pulled in by her teacher, on a wooden donkey. Those are the days and the memories that really warm my heart.

What are the things in your day to day life that bring you the most joy?


  1. Quiet. Just a few minutes with no one talking to me. And did I mention quiet?

    It is so nice to find the perspective to see the beauty in your life!

  2. aaah, now that's a good one :) I forgot about that simple pleasure, being that it is so rare - lol!!!!

  3. The hour I get to read or hit the coffee shop on my lunchbreak. I look forward to it so much. It's the only time I really get to be ME.