Friday, February 26, 2010

Kookie Chocolates and Nips

I've spent this snowy day relaxing in my pj's and reading Simple Abundance.  I decided to share one of the authors ideas with my husband.  I explained to him that I was enjoying the book but how sometimes she takes things a little too far.  For example, I won't be placing a votive filled tray in front of a mirror, striking a match, and therefore ceremoniously creating my own northern lights.
What I did like was her idea of creating a "comfort drawer".  A drawer full of small indulgences that you can turn to when you're feeling a little blue.  I thought it was a great idea.  Why not?  Maybe I could put in some cozy pj's, my favorite pair of warm fuzzy socks, some cookbooks.

I enjoy making lists so I thought this would be a fun exercise for me.

I continued telling him about the comfort drawer and began reading the list of items to him that the author suggests be placed in the drawer; chocolate truffles, miniature fruit cordials, miniature after-dinner drinks, old love letters...

Stephen - "Wait...Nips?...Is she talking about nips?...Does she want you to put nips in your drawer?"

I sensed at this moment, because he was laughing so hard, that he did not share my enthusiasm towards the comfort drawer. 

I said, yes, she's talking about nips. 

Stephen - more laughter but now I see that tears are streaming down from his eyes and now I'm starting to laugh too.

Stephen - "Is this a real book you're reading or a jokie book?"

Me - It's a real book

Stephen - "Really? Because it seems like a jokie book, you know something Chelsea Handler would make fun of?...You're not going to start a comfort drawer are you?... Are you really going to start a comfort drawer?...You're not going to fill a drawer with kookie chocolates and nips, are you?...Did your mother give you this book?"

Now I'm laughing so hard that tears are streaming down from my eyes too.

I don't care what he says though, if I want a kookie comfort drawer, I'll make myself a kookie comfort drawer.

If you created your own comfort drawer, which items would you put in?


  1. I would put dried roses, pictures of my cats, a teddy bear, a cd of classical guitar songs, a soft blanket, a hair brush, fruity lotion, bubble gum, and Kit Kat bars in my comfort drawer. It sounds like a neat idea!!

  2. I think mine would be filled with Jack Daniels and cans of diet coke. lol.