Saturday, February 5, 2011

Cablevision - Before and After

As you know, we've been redoing our apartment; fresh paint, new furniture and our latest purchase, new flat screens.  We had Cablevision come in to swap out our old boxes for high def ones and add two additional lines, one for each of the kids rooms.  Unfortunately for us, they sent out a field technician last Saturday who clearly had no clue of what he was doing and as a result, made a complete eye sore, mess, safety hazard of our apartment.
He had 3 cables coming from our living room window.  He should have had one and spliced the other lines behind our computer terminal.  This is how he left it; unit dangling with two cables secured down to the rug and the third left unattached.  You can see the third, unattached line running down from our window, across the living room floor to our tv set.  Who does this?  Who thinks this is acceptable?  Little kids or clumsy mommies tripping over the cables = safety hazard!  Aside from that, no one in their right mind would want their living room to look like this.

As you can see by the following pictures, none of the cables were secured down in any of the rooms.

Not even Ava's room.  He's got this cable running out in the middle of her carpet. 

Ok, so he did manage to staple these cables down in her room.

Directly into a working drawer in our built in closet!

Cablevision said they'd send someone out to look over and repair the damages but not until 5 days later.  The window they gave me for this past Thursday was 10am to 8pm.  Don't tell me they weren't screwing with us.  I sat here and waited for cable to come all day long.  Luke missed one of his little classes, then I missed Kickboxing and Ava missed her dance class after school that day. On top of that, I needed to send Ava to aftercare until I finally asked a neighbor to wait around for Cablevision while I picked her up because aftercare only runs for so many hours.  Cablevision never showed up until 8:30pm Thursday evening.

When they finally arrived, the new technicians could not believe their eyes.  One of the guys said he's NEVER seen anything like that before,acknowledges that it was a complete eyesore and a danger to the 5 and 2 year old little kids running around here.  The other said he was "speechless."

I truly don't believe that they believed us when we called to complain.  We've probably been documented by customer service as "Difficult Customers."  Hence the 10 hour window they didn't even abide by.  

It took the new guys an hour and a half to fix the first technicians mess.  These guys were great and totally knew what they were doing.  It's a shame we had to go through all of this to begin with though.

This is how our apartment should have looked when the first technician left last Saturday.

Note the nice and neat, securely fastened single cable line running from our living room window.

You will also notice the absence of the long white 3rd cable dangling free from the window and stretching down the middle of the living room floor over to the tv set.

  There are no more cables attached to our built in closet.

The cable in my daughter's room no longer runs down the middle of her floor.  It has been moved and run over the molding.  It blends so well you can't even see it in this picture.

Our apartment renovations have surely been an experience. It's frustrating to me that you can't count on things being done correctly the first time, but aside from that, our apartment now ROCKS so it was worth it.
Now on to our kitchen make-over.


  1. Every single thing that first technician did was not only against Cablevision/Optimum's policies, but the set up was actually illegal. I cannot believe the first person believed it was OK to run those lines like that.
    I can, however, imagine the next set of guy's faces when they saw what the first guy had done. And I'm willing to bet they felt like asses knowing the company tried to mess with you with the time window (even though it wasn't their fault they company did it). I'm so glad you took before and after photos. That definitely needed to be documented.

  2. The wires stapled into the working built in cabinet was truly classic. I'm glad eventually everything got worked out and you can laugh about it now!!

  3. Messy cable installation can be very dangerous for your kids. I'm so glad they were able to fix it. Can't wait to see the kitchen renovation.

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