Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Oh Please, Let ME Get That

So, my doorbell rings this afternoon and I buzz the UPS guy in.  Most of the packages that I've ordered from QVC were schedule to arrive today and I was really excited to see my purchases.  He arrives at my door with 3 boxes and notifies me that there's a 4th package downstairs.  "Can you get that?"  He asks.  "That way I don't have to come back up the stairs."  He goes on and says,  "It's just a rug."

Oh, just a rug.  Just the 5x7 wool rug I ordered?  Don't worry Mr. UPS - MAN, no need to strain yourself by walking up the stairs with ALL of my packages.  Let ME get that for YOU.  Sounds great! Just need to grab my coat and shoes.  The kids will be fine if I leave them alone.  They're 5 and 2.  They're perfectly capable of minding themselves.  You know what, next time why don't you just ring the bell and wait outside.  Or better yet, just wait inside your truck and beep.  I'll come out, hop on the truck and load the dolly myself.  Don't want to cause you any trouble.

So I say to him, "Yes, sure, my husband will get it." 

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