Wednesday, February 2, 2011

QVC - Crack for the Midnight Snacker's Soul

I love QVC.  That's it, I'm hooked.  Hooked on Mally Cosmetics, hooked on Lock & Lock's containers, hooked on Temp-tations, in fact I'm tempted, get it tempted, to buy another set that will go with my green one.  It's so pretty.

My mom bought me the Prepology 5 piece nonstick colored paring knife set as one of my Christmas gifts.  It rocks.

Just bought myself a Dyson, a beautiful handmade Royal Palace Damask rug, Liz Claiborne luxury 400 thread count sheets and gorgeous Liz Claiborne platinum poppy comforter and shams to go with. Oh, and some bedroom curtains too.  All in one week.  Stephen is going to be thrilled once he sees all of my bargains.  He usually tells me that I hoard the money.  Boy will he be happy when he finds out.  I feel like my Aunt Dolly must have, staying up 'til 3am, at the after party following our wedding reception.  Unleashed!

Easy pay? You mean to tell me that I can buy my Dyson vacuum cleaner today and you'll ship it out this week for 5 equal monthly payments of $106 and change? Who was the genius that invented that?  Love it!

It's become my go-to channel when nothing else I'm interested in is on.  I like to watch it even if I'm not interested in buying what they're selling.  Stephen came into the bedroom the other day and asked, "Why do you keep watching this?"  He seemed annoyed.  I don't understand.  Everyone's doing it. 

My mother's hooked, my sister's hooked too.  In fact, my sister was just telling me that now, instead of snacking when she wakes in the middle of the night, she just flips on QVC and buys something.  It's like crack for the midnight snacker's soul.  I actually just called her to ask if it would be ok to share that story with all of you and she said, and this is a direct quote, "It's so bad, I just bought a sweater last night and I have 5 other packages in route to my apartment this week."   It must be so nice to come home to presents though, right?  It's like Christmas everyday.

Even little Ava girl is getting in on the QVC action.  This Summer, while watching QVC's Santa's Toy Shop segment, Ava spied a doll baby she couldn't do without.  I told her to put it on her list for Santa.  That always satisfies her.  All of a sudden I hear, "Mommy, mommy, call Santa quick!  There are only 1200 baby dolls left!"  Naturally, I immediately ran upstairs and called "Santa" to place my order.  "He" said that rest-assured, the new baby doll would arrive at Grandma's in 5-7 days.  Thanks Santa!

Any other QVC addicts out there?  What are your favorite brands?


  1. My mom was totally a QVC addict. I used to love to watch it with her. Harry and I catch ourselves watching it sometimes, too. I try not to do it often because I am SUCH an impulse shopper. I LOVE all of that stuff. The blazers, the jewelry, the cooking stuff, the electronics. You name it, I love it. I want to see pics of all your stuff once you've got them in the apartment!

  2. I can't wait to buy my Kitchenaid from there:) I've been talking about getting one for over a year now. I've burned through 2 hand mixers in the past 2 years with all the baking we do, so it's definitely time. I love their jewelry and kitchen stuff too! I haven't seen the blazers yet. And their Northern Nights sheets!!! - Have you seen those? Fabulous!