Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Curb Your Enthusiasm

One of my friends was teasing me the other day, telling me that she wants me to write about corduroys because she loves them and says she wants me to bring them back! This cracked me up.

I'm also a fan of the corduroy pant... so I figured... heck, why not? I thought, hmmm what's so great about corduroys? How can I sing its comfie praises? How can we bring corduroy back? Well, not exactly back, as I noticed many pairs in fashionable colors at Ann Taylor Loft the other day.

Hmmm... Larry David, of Curb Your Enthusiasm and Seinfeld fame, wears corduroys... and I have BIG love for him....SO....

Haiku to YOU, Larry David!

"Oh! Larry David.

Put on your corduroy pants.

Autumn brings a breeze."


  1. lovely Haiku. Cords are the BEST, I've already broken mine out for the season.

  2. Hi AMAGS~
    I have those Ann Taylor cords in 5 colors from last year and LIVE in them in the fall~
    choc, olive green, cream, tan and black....Love my cords and almost time to break them out!! Have a great day! Blogspot is very cute!

  3. you are a crack up!!- Joanne

  4. Hi Girls, I love them too. So comfie and cozy. Claudine, I was eyeing a pair in chocolate brown the other day at Ann Taylor Loft. I'm gonna go for it! Emy, I'm happy that you liked my Haiku :) Stephen was cracking up. Hello to you too, Joannie Pants!

  5. They have a Plum, Cocoa Bean and a Smokey Grey this season too~ Can you tell that the Loft is across the street from my office?? ;)

  6. omg Claud, I used to work right next door! I LOVE that store. We could have been having lunch soon :) Now I feel like going shopping!

  7. Thats right!! When you worked for PlayBill?
    Planning to come back to work in the city?
    I would stay home with those gorgeous kids as long as possible and keep up the good work on your MOMMY DAZE blog~