Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Awakening

My daughter drinks chocolate milk every single day, and every single day as I prepare her milk, my son stands next to me watching me prepare it and cries for some of his own. 

Every single day I breath a deep sigh, as I feel sorry for the little guy, and begin to make a cup for him as well .

It's not that I don't think he should be drinking the chocolate milk. It's Ovaltine so it's packed with Vitamins and to be perfectly honest, I really wouldn't care if it were plain chocolate syrup.

It's the fact that every single day when I give him chocolate milk in a sippy cup he manages to get it all over himself, all over the kitchen floor, all over the living room rug. If I hand it to him while sitting down, soon I see that it's all over the leather couch. It doesn't matter which cup it is. Every single cup we've bought leaks.

Every single day I wonder how the heck he manages to do this and every single day while preparing his milk I think to myself," I hope the cup doesn't leak again this time." "What is it with all of these cups?" "I cannot believe that we don't have one cup in this house that doesn't leak!" "Maybe my daughter's princess cup will be ok?" "Let me check the little plastic insert to make sure it's secure."

So, every single day I check the plastic insert on the chosen cup and I press down on it really really hard, in an attempt to fit it in there tight, and I think, "that should do it". But it doesn't do it and every single day I feel like I got ripped off.

Until today.

It was today that I realized, or to be more specific, witnessed, that it's not the little clear cup we bought by Playskool, or the Dora Explorer from Munchkin, it's not his Cars cup from First Years or the personalized cup we picked out for him at Toys R Us. It was today that I turned around, saw him take a big swig of milk from his sippy, swish it around in his mouth and spit it out.

This is not a wine tasting.


  1. Mine too are big chocolate milk fans! Joel insists his gets heated up as well, but no spitters, too funny!! I always gave them Ovaltine, until I realized Devin can not tolerate Red Dye 40. Talk about an awakening! Why Red dye is in the likes of Ovaltine (and just about every product geared toward kids) beats me! We had to switch to Quick because of the dye. It effects Devin's behavior greatly. It amazes me that the FDA says it's okay, even though it is banned from use in the UK. Anyway, way off the subject! Great story, he may grow to be a great wine connoisseur or at least milk!

  2. Ellie only drinks chocolate milk, too! Your girl and my girl would get along famously.

    I had a spitter, too once upon a time. It drove me insane. I feel ya, Hon.

  3. Hi Emy. She likes hot chocolate too! I'll have to look up info on the Red Dye 40 that you mentioned. I also can't believe that it is FDA approved while being banned in England. Thanks for sharing that. I'm definitely going to look it up.

  4. Hi Alicia,

    We're definitely going to have to get our girls together sometime soon. That would be so great!