Saturday, September 19, 2009

Party of One

I woke up this morning feeling awful. My hands were swollen and tingling from all of the sodium I had consumed the night before. We had taken the kids out to dinner to celebrate our daughters first week back at school. There is a meatball pizza at one of the Italian restaurants in town that both kids just love, so we chose that restaurant to celebrate in.  I go to Weight Watchers and follow their points system and made wise choices during the day so I could enjoy dinner. I chose the scungilli salad as an appetizer and the linguini with clam sauce as my entree. I had stayed within my daily points allotment and was feeling good.

We got home from our "night out" by 6:30 and I was feeling a little down that our big night out was over already. Stephen had plans to hang out with his cousin and my sister was out with a friend, so it was just going to be me and the kids. My son fell asleep right away and my daughter was asleep by 8:30. I started feeling really lonely, so I decided to go into the kitchen to look for a snack.

I looked in the fridge and saw the turkey pepperoni I had bought the day before. I had been craving pepperoni pizza and figured I'd buy the turkey pepperoni, to get the taste I'd been wanting. I wasn't sure if I should go for it though, because although it is a point friendly choice, it's jam-packed with sodium; 640mg per serving to be exact. That's a lot of sodium and I retain water easily.

I couldn't resist. So, I took a couple of pieces and thought, "Wow! This is great, I'm going to have a few more."... "Hmmm, how many slices are in a serving? Ooh, there's 17, right, I'll count out 17."... "Mmm, that was good!" "I bet this pepperoni would taste really good as a sandwich, I'll grab one of my sandwich thins and put it on that."... "Mmm, that was so good. I could really go for another."... "No, I'm not making another pepperoni sandwich. That would be piggy."... "I'll just grab a couple more slices."... "These pepperoni slices are really thin, I wonder how they'll taste if I stack them?".... "They taste really good, I'll just have one more stack."

And I had one more stack and one more stack until 3,840mg of sodium later, I had devoured the whole package.

Party of ONE.

Serving size...SIX.

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